Ready Star Collection the apparel manufacturing company leads the market in the supply of comfortable and reliable Sportswear, Fitness Wear, Activewear, Casual & Gym Wear for All. That is, men and women, from all industries and job functions.
Ready Star Collection has been Pakistan’s Uniform expert so you can be assured that garments are made to the highest quality and design standards.

Our product ranges are;
~ Casual Wear
~ Fitness Wear
~ Street Wears
~ Active Wear

ESTABLISHMENT Ready Star Collection was established in 2012 and now (ALHAMDULLILAH) we have become one of the leading manufacturers of Casual Wear & Fitness Wear and have years of experience in manufacturing and exporting quality products.

OUR GOAL Our goal is to offer our customers a uniform that is adapted to their work and that will respond to their everyday functions. We reach thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, through distributors and sole agents. Large stocks of our products help us to reduce the processing time of customer orders, resulting in faster delivery. Acclaimed for the highest standards for quality we believe that quality is the driving force for the accelerated growth of every organization.

* We can also build custom size products at very reasonable pricing and quick deliveries.
* Our Quality is consistently superb as all our products are prepared under the vigilance and attention of experienced “Production Managers” from top to toe in all respective depots.
* We offer complete production solutions for private labels and brands for customizing.
* Our Delivery commitment is always on time with full responsibility.
* Our Prices are always competitive and hence are favorable to every market.
* Accept even small orders graciously.
* Our stitched uniforms are better than others, bearing correctness with history.
* Fabric quality and endurance are guaranteed.
* We work upon a very strict policy of purchasing, dying, cutting, stitching, checking, pressing, and packing (inner packing and outer packing) than others.

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